Mechwarrior to be Distributed Free

MechWarrior to be Distributed Free on

In honor of BattleTech's 25th anniversary, Smith & Tinker has authorized and MekTek Studios to distribute MechWarrior 4 (along with its expansion packs) completely free. For years, has been the central point for online distribution of MechWarrior 4 expansion packs. Now they can provide the core game free to the fans as well. Keep an eye on free download will be available soon.

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Xi3446d ago

Mechwarrior 4 was a great game, not quite as great at mechwarrior 3 but still awesome.

Morituri3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I can get mechs anywhere, I want Cyberpunk goodness, and hacking, and jacking into the net (I hope that does not sound too bad) and elves, and orcs, and stimpacks, and cyberdecks. I want cybernetic implants. I want to bring the megacorps down.

I want my next-gen Shadowrun RPG!!!

pippoppow3446d ago

Great game , even if very difficult. At least from what I remember. SNES version had a good story and solid gameplay mechanics. Heard the Genesis version was better but never played it.

Xof3446d ago

Nice. I never did get a chance to play the expansions.

ArmrdChaos3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

They are most likely doing this to generate interest prior to them releasing their newest version (if rumor is true). MekTek single handedly kept the community going when MS canceled support for it. Sucked, but at least MS allowed the MekTek community to use the game code and create new expansion/mods for Mechwarrior 4. If you get the chance make sure to download their community expansions...tons more mechs and weapons.

On a side Tinker's supposed new version in anyway related to the previously mentioned Mod that was in the development which would run on the Crysis engine?

M337ING3446d ago

Not at all. The mod is totally seperate.