Space Bust-a-Move coming soon for DS

TPG writes, "I have long held that a winning move for any game that you're looking to freshen up is to put it in space. Space Bust-a-Move is obviously Bust-a-Move in space. That means that if the recent trends are still in play, Space Bust-a-Move should be wrecking up the joint, sucka. Space Bust-a-Move from Taito promises to bring Bust-a-Move action to your DS, with features including multiple game modes, mini-games, and most excitingly, 4-player online play!"

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bgrundman3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

My god, how many articles is that today?

Neco5123267d ago

Bust a move is awesome! Can't wait to get this one!

darthv723267d ago

It is fun!!! My wife likes it and she is a serious puzzle game freak. She can whoop my azz at dr mario any day. This version looks to be as fun so long as you dont have to use the stylus. My thought on stylus shooting is if you played think you are shooting it in one spot only to have the marble go somewhere else. No fun when that happens. I like zuma type aiming where you rotate using the pad and fire with the button.

Well...that reply went in a different direction (pun intended).

SpoonyRedMage3267d ago

I might actually pick this up. 4 player online multiplayer FTW!

Keep the DS games coming Square Enix.

wondroushippo3267d ago

Seriously. 20 bucks with 4-player online? Score, dood.

darkroomdemons3267d ago

Excellent. Bubbles know no boundaries.

supercharger51503267d ago

Now that song is stuck in my head XD