The Portable Gamer Review: Mahjongg Artifacts 2 (iPhone)

TPG writes, "As a change from a usual schedule, I want to start with a little history lesson. According to all the history books ever made, Mahjongg is pretty old. Certainly older than most other games you see on your iPhone, clocking in at around 150 years old depending on which theory you believe. It's no surprise why it's stuck around for so long as it's pretty good fun. There are a few different variants of the game with arguably two being the most popular. One is a four player version a little bit like Rummy or Dominos, while the other is the one that is most often demonstrated in games such as Mahjongg Artifacts 2."

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bgrundman3443d ago

I am kinda getting sick of all of the card-ish games that are showing up on iPhone. Don't developers have any original ideas anymore?

Neco5123443d ago

Well, that is the easiest thing to develop on the iPhone. And they are pretty fun really

Neco5123443d ago

I'm a big fan of Mahjongg games. Looks like this is a good buy for the iPhone

DaRockSays3443d ago

how you play deez games?

CrAppleton3443d ago

Not a fan of these games.. but my wife is.. Maybe I'll have her check it out

darkroomdemons3443d ago

I too wouldn't offer my artifacts as collateral for some back alley Mahjongg. Looks sweet. Is it for blackberry too? ;-)

supercharger51503443d ago

Yeah, my mom might be in to this.