IncGamers: Dead To Rights: Retribution Developer Interview

IncGamers' spoke to Volatile Games' Imre Jele about the upcoming third person action sequel. Find out about the importance of storyline in the game, the decision to stay in Grant City and the role of Shadow in the sequel.

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Leord3449d ago

I do really love it when a developer put some effort into the story line. It kind of shows they are interested in all aspects of a game.

Chazmers3449d ago

It better be an improvement from the previous Dead to Right titles.

syrinx3449d ago

I'm with you on that Chazmers.

Fyzzu3449d ago

The first three games weren't great. Which is a shame, as I think there's potential here. I don't have high hopes, but... well, I'd like to be surprised.

Dorjan3449d ago

He does seem excited on his on game! Good to see.