The Portable Gamer: Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits Review

The Portable Gamer writes: "This portable version, while being a seriously good try, just falls short of the "brililant" mark. I'd recommend you buy it only if you just can NOT get enough of the genre, and spend a lot of time away from your console. Otherwise, give it a rent (if you can – hard to say if they rent the peripheral or not), or wait until they actually get it right. How do I know if they got it right? I find myself thinking of the times when I can get back to playing it. This game? Not so much".

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bgrundman3115d ago

Wait a minute, so you are saying that this game is actually good?

Neco5123115d ago

HA! I'm not sure about that. I can't imagine trying to play GH on the DS

DaRockSays3115d ago

looks like dis is tuff to play on tha ds

darthv723115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

My son has the first two and I will be picking this one up along with another GH controller. I like the idea of song sharing between versions. It is quite fun to play and very easy to get into. You can play head to head which is what I am looking forward to.

On a side note...this series is better suited to the DS than rock band for the PSP. To bad there wont be a rock band for ds yet how would you really pull off the drumming and singing. I guess you could tap the screen for the drums but the mic in the ds isnt as good as the psp.

Just to note...obviously you cant play this on the dsi (which I have) but I have two classic DS and my son has the lite. The controller comes with both GBA adapters to accommodate either ds style.

Neco5123115d ago

This looks like it would be insanely hard to pull off

CrAppleton3115d ago

Looks like they pulled it off just fine.. I might actually check this out

wondroushippo3115d ago

The tracklist is just kind of disappointing, but I guess with the DS they have to aim for the lowest common denominator.

DaRockSays3115d ago

i not sur about it, but if you say is good

darkroomdemons3115d ago

Any time I see the word "Rock Band" or "Guitar Hero" I give myself 30 lashes for not playing more of my real instruments. How many more incarnations can they come out with...

I'm waiting for Rock Band: Air Supply