TGR E3'09: Heavy Rain Preview "...a love it or hate it experience"

Any listener of the Big Red Potion podcast would tell you that I have been a huge supporter of the upcoming PS3-exclusive adventure title, Heavy Rain. The game-spawned from David Cage, the mind behind Indigo Prophecy and Omikron-allows you to inhabit the bodies of four distinct characters, each of which is somehow involved with the dreaded Origami Killer. The catch here is that all of these characters can die at any point during gameplay, and there are no extra lives to be found. Heavy Rain bucks thirty years of video game tradition by not allowing you to resurrect a character that has been lead to an untimely end. Instead, the game continues without them, promising infinite replayability as you see how many branches this tree has to explore. Heavy Rain is obviously ambitious, but whether the gameplay would hold up to the fascinating premise was always uncertain.

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SlamVanderhuge3443d ago

Game looks so facinating. i dont mind that its basically an interactive movie...the story possibilities are very exciting.

Natsu X FairyTail3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Still might be good though. It got that CSI / Law and order vibe in it.

and that girl looks like Olivia from Law and order:SVU

the game got no continues . one of my main goal when I'll be playing this is to let every character die to see what will arrive!

I might unlock something.

cain1413443d ago

I have a feeling I will love this. I can't wait to play more of it...

iTZKooPA3443d ago

I am awaiting this one for the story as well. Thing is I don't have a PS3 anymore (lost mine in the great break-up of 2008). Come on PS3 Slim + price drop!

oldskoolgamer3443d ago

I mourn your loss my friend, I too wait for PS3 slim (need 1 for bedroom)

--joshua--3443d ago

and I do believe I will love it

anyone up for some Global ThermoNuclear War ;)

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