German Gamers Venture Outside To Protest Violent Gaming Crackdown

Kotaku writes: "Poor old Germany. The nation's politicans have in recent years really started to crack down on violent video games, and since many of the best games are violent games, this presents is a problem.

But it's one the German people are beginning to hit back against, as evidenced by this protest in the German city of Karlsruhe, which attracted an estimated 400 gamers."

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RedDeadLB3446d ago

Hahahaha... I'd feel ashamed to go to this, but I support them in every way.

How the hell are we supposed to enjoy games if we can't kill SOMETHING

Xeall3446d ago

It comes down to what the people want. Germans are well balenced people that live in country with an unfortunate past, stopping violent games isn't going to solve anything.

Ziriux3446d ago

Yea, many countries around the world sadly have bad rules against games that are bloody.

WengYong3446d ago

Its because of us that Fallout 3 was censored the way it was. None of us got out and protested. Bout time gamers voices are heard. 400 may not be that much, but it sure is a start. Good on them

Ziriux3446d ago

I agree, they banned FEAR out there but not Gears of War 2.

Skivvo3446d ago

It's an unfortunate event & I'm afraid we might start seeing alot more of this, especially here in Australia. They're already considering putting obesity warning labels on games because apparently people find it offensive to view fatties in-game. If people dont start fighting with the censorship boards it's only going to get worse.

evrfighter3446d ago

I'm sorry but from what I've been reading about Australia. You probably won't even be able to access n4g by next year.

Feel bad for you guys

Natsu X FairyTail3446d ago

far from the nazi days

step in the good direction! just bad for gaming though.

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