TGR E3'09: Scribblenauts Hands-On Preview

Puzzle games have always existed within a predefined set of rules. Scribblenauts kicks those rules in the face, instead defining its own path towards the future of gaming. Despite being the first game that I got to try at E3 2009, it was the one that I thought about the most throughout the rest of the expo. A 2D puzzle game by design, Scribblenauts is only limited by what your imagination can come up with, offering thousands of unique possibilities which guarantees that no two people's experiences will be remotely similar. So what exactly is it?

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SlamVanderhuge3446d ago

Really excited for this one. So many crazy possibilities.

cain1413446d ago

I want this almost enough to buy a DS...

SpoonyRedMage3446d ago

Can't wait for this game it's even better that people are jealous of it and want it on their platform. Just confirms hows awesome it is.

mr durand pierre3445d ago

Up there with Brutal Legend as my Game of Show.