GamersInfo: Bubble Bobble Plus Review

GamersInfo writes: "If you have uber-fond memories of the original and a GameCube controller or two on hand, that might be the way to go. This way your nostalgia will not be ruined, and you'll be able to easily play with a friend - the way it's meant to be. On the other hand, Bubble Bobble Plus has twice the value for 100 points more than the original. Add in the two expert builds and it has three times the content for twice the price of the original game on the virtual console. Obviously, you are getting your money's worth by purchasing the WiiWare version. Personally, I am rather happy with Bubble Bobble Plus. While I wish multiplayer was more accessible, it quickly earns its keep. It might pop my bubble of fun from time to time, but at least I get to pop the bubbles of monsters".

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