An Inconvenient Truth (an xbox live warning)

An editorial by Cesar at TeamXbox.

"Xbox Live Gold is overpriced.

I said it.

Back in the Xbox days, online multiplayer on a console could be considered a value-added proposition-but in this generation, it is just a commodity. The PlayStation Network is vivid proof of that.

It is also worth highlighting that, with this new incarnation of the service, Microsoft is getting lot of money from Xbox Live, thanks to its Marketplace. The success of TV shows, films and other downloads have exceeded Microsoft's expectations, so it's not like Uncle Bill is losing money this time around.

But it is easy to criticize without proposing solutions and alternate options.

To prove I'm not the typical make-it-free whiner who is demanding Microsoft to make Xbox Live completely gratis, I'm instead proposing that the two-level memberships should exist as it does now, but with online multiplayer gameplay (as we know it) being free for everyone, while a paid membership incorporates new features. What features, you ask?"

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FeralPhoenix4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

XBL is great and I definitely have gotten my noney's worth, but I do think this article makes alot of sense, things CHANGE and I think M$ should at least throw Gold members(those who pay) a few bones. Honestly I like what Live has to offer and the fact that M$ has a solid online strategy for dev's to create games, -which does cost money. I give this guy credit because he does offer some reasonable suggestions. -I think if enough 360 owners ask for these added incentives, M$ just might hear them....and they could use this, add a little spin and make some great PR off of it. I know they like good PR, right? -lol

gta_cb4259d ago

yeh i do agree that we should be "awarded" a little bit more then the silver membership accounts, BUT im not sure about the whole silver membership being able to be apart of 1 clan etc...

power of Green 4260d ago

Don't pay for it if you feel its not worth the money. Whats next somebody going to post stories on how he/she thinks we should get DLC for free!. People are paying for the future of XBL and its health who in the hell makes a big deal out $44 bucks every 12 months?. LLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL......... .

mbmonk4260d ago

Why can't the author of this article choose to 'not pay' AND state WHY he thinks it's not worth the cash w/o people jumping down his throat. He has some very logical and reasonable points. But instead of debating his points people just label it 'whining' to try and dismiss his arguement instead of debating it.

XBL has great community tools, but the online gameplay experience leaves a lot to be desired.

T-Virus4260d ago

That way no-one would earn money and no-one would be hungry.

marionz4260d ago

its funny all the people b1tching in one way or another about xbox, usually its people that dont even own one, at the end of the day the people who actually play xbox are pretty happy with the online and dont mind paying for quality

ryanjtravis4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Dude, come on... he's an editor at I'm pretty sure he owns an Xbox.

Let me say that I'm a HUGE fan of XBL, but he makes some VERY valid points and solutions. I have never complained about the price, and I still won't... but some of the proposals he has (dedicated servers, etc.) are great features that would make the value of XBL a no-brainer.

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