Times Square, Early Relaxing Vacation Planned For Wii Sports Resort

Tigresa of Spawn Kill writes:

"Nintendo is hosting an early launch event in Times Square on July 23rd for Wii Sports Resort. It's not your regular event though held at the less-than-exciting Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center, Nintendo will be taking over the strip in Times Square known as Military Island and reforming it for a good six hours into a beach resort. Complete with a swimming pool, a sandy beach, and a lounge. In the middle of Times Square!?"

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tigresa3421d ago

I know where I'm going to be during my lunch break at work that day! It sounds intense and hilarious, I just have to see this live.

K-Tuck3421d ago

I can't recall another instance of Nintendo doing something like this.

theherp803420d ago

that's nuts! i cant wait to see what it looks like. sucks that i dont like in NY so i can see it in person :(