Is Rockstar fooling us?

From gamespot forums:
"The main character is NOT Nikko Bellic, and there ARE aircraft in the game!

Nikko Bellic is being used as a Mcguffin device to keep the real Main Character out of the spotlight, The real main character is Roman Petronov, Nikkos cousin who invites him to live in Liberty after Nikko has a HUGE falling out with a paramilitary/Mafioso hybrid wing back in ESTONIA.

Back to 2007, Roman invites Nikko to the US with lies of his fancy living, just because he needed Nikkos help in dealing with shady characters trying to move into his little slice of heaven, which is a Taxi-Firm Roman works at on a co-operator term.

You WILL play the prologue missions as Nikko, to give you a hint of the new controllers, sadly, I dont know the schemes yet, but as soon as I do, you do..."

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PS360PCROCKS4135d ago

Oh man if that stuff is true that's insane!!! We get mugged?! Haha what a crazy twist, lol

Robotz Rule4135d ago

Yes!,yes they are!,I mean do you really think Rockstar doesn't have anything up their disposal.

AseBoogie41324134d ago

hope this game is the sh't, no matter who i play as. i dont care about no damn planes. i thought they were a dumb addition anywayz. just gimme the motorbikes and i'm fine. and throw some cars form gta, the original in and i'm set..

4134d ago
AppleSlime4134d ago

if it's true. very plausible, though.

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