New District 9 Trailer from Halo 3 Short Film Director

Neill Blomkamp, the chap who created the awesome live-action Halo 3 short films, has released the latest trailer for his new major motion picture "District 9". The film is being produced by Peter Jackson and is being released on August 12th in the US. The same style of gritty imagery used in the Halo shorts has also spilled over into the film.

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Bnet3433421d ago

I hope the Halo movie is as good as this.

FragMnTagM3421d ago

Now let's hope he gets to get his hands on the Halo movie.

JOLLY13421d ago

When that *whatever he crap it was* grabbed that rocket.....sweet!

Xi3421d ago

If he did direct the halo movie with peter jackson it would be sweet.

I've never seen a movie that blended reality and cgi to that degree.

puremadness3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Neill completed and debuted this film years ago. That is why they picked him for the Halo Movie initially.

Sorry, it is a lot like a film he shot years ago.

RememberThe3573420d ago

It's pretty cool the why is looks like a documentary.

Does anyone know about this Halo short films mentioned? I'd love to see them.

butterfinger3421d ago

wait for District 9. Has anyone watched the "Gamer" trailer on XBL yet, starring Gerard Butler?

iHEARTboobs3421d ago

I saw it, wouldn't go watch it at the theatre but would make a cool blu-ray rental.

LeonSKennedy4Life3420d ago

...and using Manson's version of Sweet Dreams was a nice touch. I'm not a Manson fan, but when I first heard his rendition (during House on Haunted Hill's opening)...I was like..."WTF? THAT'S AMAZING!"

I want to see Gamer too.

- Where the Wild Things Are
- The Last Airbender
- District 9
- The Informant (They filmed it in my home town...and EVERYONE here wants to see it because we're all in it. Lols. Everyone in my town met and talked to Matt Damon and they feel special.)
- 9
- Alice in Wonderland
- The Hobbit
- Zombieland

Tons of others...

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The story is too old to be commented.