NowGamer: Supercar Challenge Preview

You can't talk about a racing game without mentioning the elephant in the room but considering that Gran Turismo 5, and its protracted lengthy development, is still far from our consoles, it seems wise that the petrolhead in us all should turn its attentions to a game aiming to satisfy our demand for supercar racing. System 3's racer has neither the production values nor the ridiculous roster of cars (it's content on focusing on the higher end of the market), but it still manages to offer up a very impressive spec-heavy racer that is not hampered by its pretensions for realism.

Supercar Challenge has all the elements that generally sets car enthusiasts sweating; from the tweaking of the most minuscule detail to a garage to house all your cars and the obligatory photo mode. These are standard things you'd expect to find in a realistic racer, but what System 3's game does particularly well is the finer details. Or, more to the point, the racing and the atmosphere it creates.

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