NowGamer: Street Fighter IV Review

NowGamer writes: "It's confession time. We're exactly the right age for Capcom's classic Street Fighter 2 to be at the heart of our most cherished gaming memories. We vividly remember playing it on dirty arcade cabinets, surrounded by hooting friends, as twenty pence pieces passed from our sweaty palms into coin slots with a continual clunk that plastered huge grins on bemused shopkeeper's faces. And then breathlessly exclaiming, "Gaming will never get better than this!," as the home versions arrived, before sinking an entire youth into the Super Street Fighter Turbo, Alpha and VS renditions of the series that followed.

So to say Street Fighter IV had a lot to live up to is a massive understatement. Thankfully Capcom's re-imagining of their marquee franchise more then exceeds our expectations, and on PC it's the best looking version of the best Street Fighter game ever created. Its twenty five strong character roster brings back the original twelve world warriors from Street Fighter 2 Turbo, salts the mix with unlockable notables from the series history, and throws in four brand new characters for good measure. Whether you're a traditional Ryu/Ken player or willing to take on more technical new characters, like crazy luchador El Fuerte or Abel, there's a huge variety of fighting choices."

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