CoJ: Bound in Blood - Tops and Flops of the graphics

PCGH has listed the visual pro and cons of Call of Juarez Bound in Blood and assembled some sample screenshots to show the Tops and Flops.

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The_Devil_Hunter3416d ago

I thought it was an ok looking game, now the voice work is another different story.

Horny3416d ago

I personally loved the game, on my second play though. looks nice when ur playing and not stopping every second to look for flaws in the graphics. I thought the voice acting was good though, especially Ray and Thomas.


the amateur mistakes peek out at you every so often

Xi3416d ago

But I have to agree that there are some problems with consistancy. Overall I really like the way the game looks, specially for a relatively large open world design.

Gitaroo3416d ago

the game looks great on PC, there are a few flaws, so do everything single games out there.

spunnups3416d ago

I miss the previous gen, when people weren't so preoccupied with how the game looks, and more so cared about how the game played.

free2game3653416d ago

Uh, I don't know what "last gen" you remember, but I remember between maybe 1996-2005 PC game developers were all obsessed with pushing graphics forward to scale with new hardware, too bad everyone went multiplat and apparently it upsets publishers when a PC version of a game looks better than console ones.