Clash of the codes: PC vs console

Stuff: "It's an interesting dilemma facing gamers these days: do I stick with PC gaming, where many of us first cut their teeth in video gaming, or do I go the way of the console? Let me tell you about my gaming heritage and how it has changed over the years, which has seen me go from a PC gamer to an almost exclusive console games player."

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pippoppow3393d ago

First started gaming on consoles first then a friend of mine bought a New 486DX66 with Alone in the DArk and Tie fighter. Those games are still among my favorite games ever and from that point till around 2K I was primarily a PC gamer although I have always also been a console gamer as well. My gaming shifted more toward the consoles since around the intro of the PS2. It just seems like PC gaming has been deflated. There have been some good games here and there as the focus of devs has shifted toward the consoles. I think EA and MS buying and desolving PC devs helped with the deflation of the PC as a gaming platform. While it's nice that the PC gets the best version of multipltform games I wish there were more devs that would make PC exclusive games that would push the hardware like in the 90s. Damn, The 90s was the best gaming era by far, for me at least and would love PC gaming to one day again be what it once was.

ChozenWoan3393d ago

I remember the first time I went over to my granny's house and she had Pong hooked up. That day a gamers was born.

A few years later, my cousin introduced me to his atari and collico vision. We'd stay up late playing Hero, joust, centipede, and of coarse, pacman. Then I got my first comp, a C64c as well as a Sega Master System. Life was good then, especially since my neighbor had the NES. We played every game we could beg, borrow, and everything short of steal. Of coarse this lead to us getting the Genisis, and them getting the SNES which was great as we never ran out of good games to play.

Then there was a strange couple of years for Sega with the releasing of 3 consoles in 4 years. So when my cousin got his PS1, I checked it out and ended up hanging my Sega fankit in the closet. The gaming was great with hit after hit after hit. Colony Wars (all time fav space shooter), Warhark, GT 1 & 2, Wing Commander, Bushido Blade, and of coarse FF 7 & 8 as well as others.

Toward the end of the PS1's days, I got back into computers with an IBM Aptiva. Played lots of EverQuest, Tribes, Starsiege, Rainbow 6, Final Fantasy XI, and FreeSpace. Would have played more games on the pc but my comp became obsolete for gaming very fast. Which wasn't a problem as just then the PS2 came out.

PS2 Was a beast when it came to gaming. I still play lots of the classics from time to time. From games like Kengo, Kessen, Onimusa, Soccom, Prince of Persia, GT3, GTA, GoW 1 & 2, Tribes AA, Enter the Matrix & PON, Splinter Cell, Max Pain, Ininja, as well as FFX & X2 & XII. Durring this time I also had a friend who had the Xbox so I played Fable and some Halo.

Now we have this gen and I will admit, I was about to join the ranks of the 360 when I learned about RRoD. After hearing about that and the fact that the 360 was not BC, and Live had an annual fee... the choice was easy.

I knew I would have to save up to get one and thats what I did last may. However I had picked up one of the non-BC PS3's which had me heated, luckily I learned that the MGS4 pack was coming back in june. So after 30 wonderful days I returned that one and got the MGS4 one for $100 more. Sweet deal as I not only got a BC PS3, but I got MGS4!!!!!

I've got a friend who has a 360, so thanks to him, I can still play games like Mass Effect and Fable 2 without worring about hardware issues. It truly is the best of both worlds, or as close as I can get until I get a new graphics card... then I will be in gaming heaven. The Best of all worlds!

I will admit, a few years ago I got back into pc gaming again... a little bit when I got a new computer. I use it mostly for browser based games to help give me new experiences. After console gaming PC gaming is over rated... unless your going to go all out. As in get a AAA gaming rig, add a motion sim chair, and dedicate the entire environment to the gaming experience. Unless of coarse your heavily into MMOs, in which case a really nice chair is a must.

Right now I'm in a pretty good position for gaming. I've got access to all three consoles due in part to friends, I've got a pc that with a little upgrade will be gaming again, I've also got a mac (hate it), and Linux on both my pc and my ps3. Now all I need is more TVs so I can multi-task my gaming. LOL!!!

evrfighter3393d ago

interesting read. That's How I grew up gaming. grabbin whatever console my friend down the street didn't have. That's the only way as a kid I could afford the best of all consoles.

around my sophomore year of high school. I was introduced to a 550mhz k6 amd with a 3dfx voodoo 3. This was a beast among gaming systems back then and I was able to enjoy mechwarrior 3, half life and all it's mods, unreal, quake 3 arena, starcraft, diablo, deus ex, and vampire.

I stuck with pc gaming and I'm glad I did. I was able to enjoy battlefield 1942, vietnam, 2, 2142, neverwinter nights, call of duty, and STILL I get my daily dose of cs deathmatch. I found that keeping my aim in cs above all others up to par. affects how well I do in other shooters.