NowGamer: Fuel Review

NowGamer writes: "We're big Mad Max fans here at NowGamer, so we quite liked the idea of a huge open world racing game set in a post apocalyptic world, with precious fuel the prize. Actually that left us slightly scratching our heads; why if there's not much fuel in the world, are we burning barrels of the stuff in pointless land races, just to win more of it? Surely there are better uses it could be put to? Food convoys or hospitals perhaps?

Still, that didn't matter we reasoned, since the game from Codemasters developer Asobo Studios promised a solid campaign of epic races across huge post-apocalyptic wastes for pride and fuel. What we actually got isn't so grand, and the trouble is that Fuel's execution doesn't match its interesting concepts, often leaving us more bored than anything else."

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