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iheartdestr0y3443d ago

AWESOME! I'm dling it as soon as possible.

GodGinrai3443d ago

day one purchase. i got my SF4 pads, the stick and a hori hrap to choose from..i expect to rule the roost on this game..

Rainstorm813443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Its the same day on PSN, if not capcom you couldve kept the crap demo and gave us the game the same day.

I need MVC2 NOW!

Magneto, Akuma, Spider-man......Fight Me!

Blaze9293443d ago

Guess we know why Capcom released that early demo only on PSN, seems ps3 owners wont be getting it for some time otherwise; they would have added a PSN date as well and not a "XBLA only" press release.

Shooter_McGavin3443d ago

So no Psn release date? For real?

ShawnCollier3443d ago

I'd assume it'll be the same week during PSN's regular updates.

Bnet3433443d ago

PSN release date should be July 30th. XBLA games come out on Wednesdays and PSN gets updated Thursdays.


Im getting it on xbl see u guys there

Chuk53443d ago

Finally a date! getting it day one but I'm still waiting for xbox to be repaired. I cant help but feel that not having a psn date is a little unnerving

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The story is too old to be commented.