Tim Moss Part 2: God of War engine up and running on PS3

Team Fortress continue their interview with the lead programmer of God of War, Tim Moss.

He explains what he admires about the programmers at Epic Games, Capcom and Insomniac Games; reveals that the God of War engine is already up and running on the Playstation 3; and explains the nature of the relationships among Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog (makers of the upcoming Uncharted: Drake's Fortune) and Ninja Theory (the studio behind the much-anticipated Heavenly Sword.)

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techie4136d ago

People this is PART 2. I posted Part 1 myself...this section is far more interesting.

So approve it already.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4136d ago

but watch this it`s hilarious.
a little slice of the past.

Firewire4136d ago

Funny video, but who's dead now! he he!
Good interview, I realy like how all these studios are talking with each other, helping each other out! It will make for better games in the future!

Cartesian3D4136d ago

I like his words about other games.. hope to see God of War 3 as soon as possible..

thx sony to put GoW2 in ps2 for supporting more ppl.. thats the reason of PS2 selling now days....

[email protected]4136d ago

Probablly next year... Sony will give a few hints or details.

Tut4136d ago

"I think it's safe to say there is a lot of mutual respect between the teams at Sony and really in the industry as a whole. Everyone knows how hard it is to do a great game. The odds are stacked against you. We try and help out anyone we can because it might save them some hours of work and make another game that we'll have fun playing. "

That is probably one of the best paragraphs I have read in quite some time. I like the idea of everyone growing together instead of being reclusive and keeping their ideas and processes secret for the sake of competition. It just brings a smile to my face and makes me want to hug bunnies. =)

Maldread4136d ago

Sharing is great it seems ;)

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