Fight Night Round 4 Gets Button Support…Mashers Rejoice

Some of us knew this day would come. Today, EA announced that there will be DLC coming later this summer that will give support to the button mashers users.

When this series began as Knockout Kings, many of us got used to the button control scheme as much as the fact that Ali was on the cover. As a boxing game, it was not the most shrewd ( That title goes to Victorious Boxers) but it had the faces boxing fans loved.

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Deathmammoth3421d ago

Why do people keep calling others that enjoy the button scheme button mashers? I believe the more options that a game has the more people will be able to fully enjoy said game. I personally miss the button scheme and I personally don't just mash buttons. I like to be able to preform a right hook or left uppercut when I want to. Not accidentally flicking the stick to far down and instead of performing a left hook I do a left uppercut instead and becuase of that mistake I get blocked or countered. I believe this will be a great update to the game that really should have been present sense the beginning.