Worthplaying: Puzzle Kingdoms Review

WP writes: "I can see a lot of validity in people's complaints about Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. There wasn't a significant change to the gameplay, even by altering the Bejeweled format of the playing field, and while the science fiction aspect was certainly different from the fantasy realm of the original Puzzle Quest, it was hardly enough to make the game worth playing for most fans. With that said, when I heard about yet another colored gem puzzle game coming from Infinite Interactive, I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes. I mean, really, already? However, after having spent time with the game over the past week, it's a far better follow-up than Galactrix was, and while I still find the story aspects a bit dry and tedious to read through, the small alterations to the puzzle gameplay in Puzzle Kingdoms manages to keep it addictive and familiar, but in a good way."

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