TGR: Fallout 3: Point Lookout Review

Fallout 3: Point Lookout takes place in the titular sleepy resort town which, while not directly targeted by the nuclear bombs, suffered in a less physically destructive way. The town's historical accuracy intensifies its digital desolation, with the Point Lookout Light and Calvert Mansion bringing elements of real-life Maryland to the wasteland. Despite slight graphical and audio glitches, the new expansion provides a wealth of entertainment with great stories.

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mr durand pierre3442d ago

I'll definitely have to check this out, but first I'll have to get Broken Steel just to raise the level cap. I wish they'd made that a feature that came with all post Broken Steel DLC.

iTZKooPA3442d ago

I wish they'd release DLC that actually mattered to the main campaign (read story) of the title. All the side business that companies keep releasing just makes me yawn. But that is just the way I want DLC to be used, as mini-expansions.