Toy Story 3 Game Planned For 2010 Will Wow Gamers - Disney Interactive Studios head, Graham Hopper has said the upcoming movie tie-in game for Toy Story 3 will 'wow gamers' when it launches alongside the movie next year boasting quality above regular movie tie-in games...

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shocky163443d ago

The only game I can think of that got close to Toy Story like graphics is Banjo: Nuts + Bolts

Such a beautiful game.

3443d ago
Freakwave0033443d ago

Can't wait for the movie. Toy Story 1 and 2 are still some of my favorite movies.

Mindboggle3443d ago

Little kids !! Im nearly 20 and I cant wait for this game. Toy story 2 was one of the best games ive ever played on the PS1 and if its anything like 2 it will be amazing...

Alcohog3443d ago

1.) There was a toy story 2?

2.)Lol at this article

3.) Nuts and bolts pixar quality? That's it; I'm leaving.