Gamespot published Command & Conquer 4 Q&A - Exclusive First Details

Gamespot got the first details on the final chapter in the Tiberium series from designer Samuel Bass.

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TheBand1t3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Final chapter?

:( Makes me excited yet sad.


Raf1k13421d ago

'we are developing Command & Conquer 4 exclusively for the PC. Given the ambitious scope and significantly reworked infrastructure of this game, it felt like the right approach to focus purely on our core platform and make sure we get everything right'

I hope they can make this an amazing game but the image with the walking tanks puts me off. I remember that Mammoth from the second game. I wasn't too keen on it. I'll take great big treads any day

Gamer60563421d ago

Is this the last Command and Conquer game or the last one based on Tiberium?