Funcom "Excited" About Revealing AoC Expansion

While speaking to IncGamers about the recent events surrounding the MMO Age of Conan, Erling Ellingsen, director of communications at Funcom, described the feelings of the team at the prospect of unveiling AoC's first expansion at GamesCom next month.

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Maticus3422d ago

Yikes isn't that the same weekend as BlizzCon? Bad timing?

Christopher3421d ago

Not really. Anyone who's at BlizzCon is unlikely to have any interest at all in AoC.

Malfurion3422d ago

Hopefully they have something big to announce in the expansion, it needs it to get all the players back.

Leord3422d ago

Yes, just upgrading everything is not enough. When people get burnt, it takes quite a bit to get them back...

Leord3422d ago

Hehe, someone didn't plan well... :)

Or is gamescom bigger than BlizzCon?

Chazmers3422d ago

hmmm, is an expansion really going excite anyone except for the fans of the game? cant see it encoraging anyone else to join up.

Maticus3422d ago

Depends what it contains I suppose - new races, new classes?

Christopher3421d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping for new a new race, a new class, and even better would be some for of alternate advancement.

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