Gwar headlines totally metal Brutal Legend concert

Notoriously noxious metal lords Gwar top the lineup of bands playing EA's "Brütal Legend Metal Meltdown" concert in San Diego, Calif., on the evening of July 23. (That's the first night of San Diego Comic-Con, which runs July 23 through 26 at the nearby San Diego Convention Center.)

The costumed comedy shock-rockers will be joined by Canadian metal act 3 Inches of Blood, all-grrl thrashers Unholy Pink and Black Flag co-founder Keith Morris.

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RustInPeace3447d ago

GWAR kicks ASS! Saw them live a few times and they ALWAYS put on a great, funny show. And it's very fitting for them to be doing to be doing this for Brutal Legend!

housegroove763447d ago

I would kill to go to a Gwar show. Ive been wanting to see them live since high school (15 years ago)