PlayStation Home possibly banned (in Australia due to game ratings)

iTWire writes: "It has been as loophole for some time now. In the whacky world of video game classification that is Australia, where the most adult rating a title can get in order to hit store shelves is the ambiguous MA 15+, games that predominately rely on an Online experience, constructed largely from the community playing the game, such as World of Warcraft are not easy to classify.

Ratings are dealt out by the Classification Board, and are based on playing through the game, and as you would expect, making a judgement call based on levels of violence, sex or offending material contained in the title. Any game that is considered too risky to be classified MA 15+, is deemed unclassifiable, and therefore banned from sale in ."

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green3444d ago

Such a stupid,misleading and false title.

Automat3443d ago

more like Iran than Australia... I'd move if I lived there!