AMD beliefs: DirectX 11 Radeons pleasantly fast

PCGH had a chat with AMD's Chief of Developer Relations, Richard Huddy. The AMD man said: I would say we don't make money by delivering slow hardware. Our expectation is that we'll give you a really pleasant surprise this year when we ship our DX11 hardware.

They also have pictures that show individual steps of an DirectX 11 tech demo.

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TheIneffableBob3421d ago

I think DirectX 11 might actually make a big difference for games.

Xi3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

DX 10 was supposed to be but we can thank Nvidia for not supporting it.

70% of the new the features of DX11 were supposed ot be available in dx 10 however nvidia was having an extremely hard time developing a card using their current architecture that would support it so they threatened microsoft into what we have as DX10 today. And by threaten I mean they would no longer allow games that had nvidia support (all the 'the way it's meant to be played' games) run on vista, and effect all laptop that would also severly reduce the support on laptops.

There was even some contraversy when Assassins creed came out, The game used DX10 and roughly preformed 10-15% better on DX10 cards than it did with dx9 cards however nvidia had the code that was causing the preformance boost removed because at that time it had no cards which support DX10.

Instead DX11 will feature all the expected improvements we were supposed to have in DX10 with other features like tesselation.

free2game3653421d ago

The hell are you talking about? Assassin's Creed for the PC came out when directX10 GPUs had been out for over a year. That and Nvidia's cards performed better in DX10 than all AMDs cards, they costed a lot less too.

Tarasque3421d ago

I don't know but the dood coughing in the video is annoying......

Raf1k13421d ago

Looking forward to what AMD has to offer with their DX11 cards

solar3421d ago

all i got from that video was that guy coughing his brains out every 5 seconds. come on man, drink some water. clear your throat before talking ffs.

JonnyBigBoss3421d ago

Man, the DX10 generation sure was short!

BlindBandit3421d ago

That because Ati & Nvidia are milking graphic card like no tomorrow, i stop buying PC hardware because of this. that why console are kicking PC a$$ because no one want to spend $400 on a graphic card + OS + $1000 CPU just to play one game. Nvidia & Ati got money hungry after the Geforce 5900 FX & Ati Radeon 9800 Pro.

free2game3653421d ago

Why do you need a $1000 CPU or $400 GPU to play a single game? For one thing those $1000 CPUs are all aimed at high end markets, most of which isn't even gaming related. That and you do a lot more with a high equiped PC than play games. And there's a lot more than ONE game coming out at any time that stresses hardware a lot.

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