BioWare undecided on Dragon Age full frontal nudity

BioWare is yet to decide if upcoming fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins will contain full-frontal nudity during its high-profile sex scenes.

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Natsu X FairyTail3417d ago

Go ahead , they show tits in movies on TV all the time. Nobody will die out of this.

Arnon3416d ago

With your skill in character models and pixel count... go for it :x

Sarick3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Oddly, the first Diablo had nudity in the butcher chambers. Impelled bodies with full nudity. Also I remember one of the pre-oblivion games having full nudity in the game. My sister made a character and when she removed her characters cloths the game didn't cover those parts with loin cloths etc.

I think this game was called Daggerfall Here is a link to the information. dity.html

To think though in that demo she started out with nothing and was running around doing quest in the nude while no one seemed to notice in the game.

It's been done before on RPG's and no one lifted an eyebrow, With the internet of today it might be a little more controversial.

Just looking at the listed games below says it's profitable. 058/games/

removed auto-links.

HolyOrangeCows3416d ago

They may want to avoid it to avoid the media....but it would be silly to.

''during its high-profile sex scenes''
Sex usually involves some nudity. So why is there even a question here?

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SH3MRON3416d ago

...dimemberment, and have a game like GTA but as soon as they show a titty its all wrong. If its for mature audiences they should be able to know what nudity is.

Ellessdee3416d ago

america is so sexually immature. bioware just need to do it, dont worry about it. if theres any outcry, it will just be from fox news again or something and the olny peopel that will give a hsit will be poeple who wernt gonna buy the game anyways, and then after a few weeks it'll all blow over anyways.

god of war shows full frontal nudity in their games. why can't bioware? because of this stupid stigma against nudity in media? extreme violence is fine, but god forbid you show a nipple. its just nature, why is it such a big deal?

look, i don't care one way or the other if they do it. its just tits, virtual tits at that, so its not a big deal. but if they want to do it even just a little bit, they shouldn't be afraid of any "repercussions" and just go through with it. its their game, and its just a game, maybe they can help break this stigma that nudity isn't okay in video games and help mature the industry a bit.

Reibooi3416d ago

While god of war did have nudity it was not Full Frontal it was only Topless. Never to my memory did they show the lower half in god of war. If they did then maybe I am starting to get forgetful. This issue implies that Bioware wants Full Frontal nudity meaning both TOP and BOTTOM. While there having been many exposed breasts in gaming I don't recall much more then that in a title that wasn't rated AO.

At the end of the day they should do it. If it fits and it's not just to show tits and ass they do and defend it if retarded people like those at fox have a problem with it.

nycredude3416d ago

I think if the M is on the game, we are in an age where we should be able to show anything!

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criticalkare3416d ago

Fox news will jump bioware again about this.... OMG full pornographic scene in video games!!

Ellessdee3416d ago

thats fox news.

but the only people that will give a sheit will be people who weren't gonna buy the game anyways.

any real gamer will either not give a fuuck, or in some cases be even more intrigued (cause we all know how them nerdy gamer guys flock to cyber boobies lmao) just like last time. and the whole thing will blow over after a few weeks anyways once people realize its not nearly as big a deal as its made out to be. some little 20 second clip at the end of the game, wow.

ravinash3416d ago

I remember the uproar that happened after Mass effect came out.
All the twisted storys about sex and full frontal nudity when in fact there was none and all the people who were saying this didn't even play the game.
Seems that even with an M rating, a lot of people still think the game is aimed at kids.

I find it funny that with a game that is full of violence and blood, these people will be worrying that their kids are being corrupted by breasts.

Their going to go out and say it might as well go out and give them what they want. maybe this time the people they might actual pay the game and know what the hell their talking about after the embarrassment the last lot went through.

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