BioWare on not making Baldur's Gate 3: We've no regrets

BioWare has "no regrets" over it's much-loved Baldur's Gate games, but admits it's "frustrating" not to be able to continue to develop the characters it created for the RPG series.

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Syronicus3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I loved the Baldur's Gate series and would love to see them make another one. What a bummer, I was actually hoping to see another one this gen.

InfectedDK3421d ago

Baldur's Gate on the PS3/360 could have turned out as a decent game..
I liked the one I had for my PS2..

Syronicus3421d ago

The Baldur's Gate games on the consoles were great too but I have to tell you that the PC games were completely different than those released ont he Consoles. Both are great in their own rite but you have not seen Baldur's Gate until you have seen the PC version. Baldur's Gate 3 would be the successor to the PC version of 2 but since the expansion closed the story out it would be hard for them to reinvent the character cast. I still say that regardless, a sequel to the PC or console versions would be heavily welcomed.

Tony P3421d ago

Infected, Bioware isn't talking about Dark Alliance, they had nothing to do with those two games. They are talking about the PC games which, as Syronicus says, are completely different games.

Shame though. If we ever get a BG3, it'll probably fall to Obsidian. I think they're ok, but they're no Bioware. It's surprising given the amount of old Interplay talent in Obsidian. I hope Fallout: New Vegas shows off their skills a bit better.

InfectedDK3421d ago

Oh, thx for the info.
Never played the PC version actually, maybe I should..
Though I liked the simple gameplay on the PS2.. But no chance for console version at all anyway then..

Nineball21123421d ago

I LOVED Baldur's Gate on the PC. And I'd love to see them make another one as well.

I loved Minsc and his space hamster "Boo".

Some great quotes here:

*Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, the only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm!

*Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!


are good games in their own right, but compared with the PC versions, they're second rate. The PC games are some of the greatest games ever made, with unparalled storytelling.

Christopher3421d ago

Not sure I'm interested in a D&D based game that isn't made by BioWare or Obsidian. I know I'm not interested in a D&D game that uses the new 4th edition classes and rules, personally.

Akiira3421d ago

finally someone that agrees 4e sucks

mfwahwah3421d ago

Yeah. I always roll rogue in DnD and when I found out I couldn't dual wield... well, let's just say my character just didn't have the will to live...

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Sez 3421d ago

Baldur's gate is truely one of my favorite RPGs on PC. I still have it. I would loved for bioware to make another one.

yog-sothot3421d ago

that would be nice, but if they make a BG 3 we should not play the same character. At the end of throne of Baal, we became a bit too powerful, and every foe had at least a sword +6 "kill in one hit" !

Besides, the current publisher of ADD games is Atari, even if I guess that Wizards of the coast could give the licence to EA (and therefore Bioware)

A sad thing is that Black Isle (who made BG 2 for Bioware) had started to work on a BG3 years ago but the game was cancelled due to some mistake by a lawman or an accountant, something like that. Just after that Black Isle disappeared and many of its people created Obsidian.

Pebz3421d ago

It is sad, but as much as I loved Baldur's Gate, I have to agree with them that the series was pretty much closed with Throne of Bhaal. I'm certain Bioware could pull off a great spin-off if they do get the license, but they have also proven that they can do great new IPs, so perhaps it's for the better.

If Dragon Age: Origins does indeed turn out to be a worthy spiritual successor, I'm fine with that.

WeeMadBadger3421d ago

From what I've seen, Dragon Age universe it not as cool as Baldur's Gate.

They call it dark fantasy and it looks like M rated Tolkien, which is all good and fine. But BG was dark and twisted with powerful mages performing bizzare experiments in their steampunk looking labs. Add to that mind flayers / beholders which aren't simply fancy looking 'demons' and the whole thing about planes of existence (Planar Sphere anyone?). I think it was WAY more interesting than 'dark fantasy'.

That said, I don't know what'll show up in Dragon Age. But if it's your off the mill fantasy - mages, witches, dragons, zombies, undead, etc, etc, just with more blood and sex, that's going to be a bit disappointing!

Christopher3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Problem is that much of that is owned by Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast. They can't do it because it's impossible unless they do it WotC's way. Personally, I think WotC is out of loop with the general consumers and are trying to turn a PnP game into something that is streamlined for pushing into games, but in doing so lacks the depth and excitement of the genre.

yog-sothot3421d ago

Baldur's gate 2 is probably my favourite game "all time, all platform". Well, after the original Deus Ex.

I'd love to see some RPGs like this (or like Planescape Torment). They should just buy the Diablo engine if they really want to make it 3D (well, I doubt Blizzard would sell it but who knows)

I obviously know that Diablo is completely different than BG, but Blizzard kept the same point of view for its series when the BG' successors - like the good but not great Neverwinter Nights series and now Dragon Age - and most AAA western RPGs (Alpha Protocol, mass effect...) chose a full 3D engine where you can move the camera and stuff...