FUEL Demo Hits Xbox Live & PSN

Nidzumi writes: Yep, for anyone still wondering what Fuel is like you finally have your chance to jump in and play some off-road racing. A free demo is set to be released at 2pm for PC, Xbox Live and PSN. It includes the following…

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AAACE53422d ago

I've been wondering about this game and was hoping for a demo. It seemed like a very ambitious project, so at least I can now find out!

DFogz3422d ago

I ended up renting it last week...I wouldn't even bother downloading the demo, it's time wasted. Just pass

Perjoss3422d ago

people could get the free demo and make up thier own minds?

xwabbit3421d ago

don't dl the demo people, i got it for pc and even with the pro graphics on my pc (which are no where near motorstorm) the game sucks, i got bored in the first freaking race, that's how bad it is

orion4563422d ago

Why didn't they release a demo BEFORE the release of a game, then i wouldn't have wasted money renting it.

-MD-3422d ago

Is it really that bad?

Perjoss3422d ago

it gets mixed reviews, not played it myself but from what i've read the game itself is kinda crap but the game world is fantastic, and massive, so there is some free roaming exploration fun to be had.

this was a nice read: http://www.rockpapershotgun...

Psynapt1k3421d ago

I think it depends on what you like in a game - the demo might be worth a try.
The game is GREAT and I am really enjoying it - the key seems to be NOT sticking to the track the whole time and try to take shortcuts. Lots of fun when it gets dark - in game. The world is overwelmingly massive!

Raziel McGee3421d ago

I like the game as well the menu system does suck at first but when you get used to it is a lot of fun. do what you want, go where you want and slide around corners i enjoy turning off the road to cut across country is prob. my fav

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ZILLA3422d ago

i want it today.i played the demo at game stop and it is simply amazing,hopefuly next week.PLAY B3YOND waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay B3YOND!!

niminator3422d ago

Just been logged in and it's already on XBLM here in the UK.
Ain't downloading it though, just bought the game and waiting for it to be delivered.

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The story is too old to be commented.