Sony wins, loses big in console wars

Sony was simultaneously the big winner and the big loser in the videogame console wars in March.

Electronics giant's PlayStation 3 continued to lag well behind Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii in North America, latest data from the NPD Group showed.

But rather than fade away now that its successor is on the market, the seven year-old PlayStation 2 sold 280,000 units last month, more than any of the three next gen consoles.

Wii led among the next-gen crowd with North American consumers buying 259,000 units, followed by Xbox 360 (199,000) and PS3 (130,000).

Strong sales for the PS2 were driven by "God of War II," the red hot videogame sequel available only for the PS2. Sony-published game sold 833,000 units in the two and a half weeks after its March 13 debut, immediately establishing it as a monster hit.

It's already the best selling game of the year, with nearly 200,000 more units than the No. 2 game, "Wii Play," which came out a month earlier.

While the PS3 continues to have problems...

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Anerythristic264258d ago

They actually had an 18% drop in sales. The sales were tracked for 5 weeks instead of 4. It really needs a price drop NOW. The kids on this site can say what they want , unfortunately the PS3 isn't failing in North America , it has already failed. They need to stop worrying about the XBOX 360 (which had mediocre sales , though it outpaced it's last year total for this same month. ) and at least try to keep the platform (PS3) viable in North America. It's just plain bad , no software will be able to save it in the US at this point , it needs drastic price cuts to stay competitive.

With some predictions for a sub 100,000 unit April , It's really a shame for the PS3. This is really poor news.

It's important that fans of the PS3 pressure Sony on official message boards to CUT THE PRICE. There is no way to spin this positively.

achira4258d ago

lol, we sony fans have enough things to do with our ps3. why should we want a price cut ? lol, we own already one, and if you want one than you should pay 600 bucks for it. if you want a porsche you dont cry for a price cut so you could buy it, right ? right.

Soulxxx4258d ago

Why do we need a price cut?? We already have a PS3! It's you fanboys that try to make it look like you're experts in economoics and tell the companies how to do their job. Heavenly Sword and MGS4 etc... will "save" the PS3. Americans only wait for Sony to fix the hardware problems with the PS3 so that they could buy one, at the same time to get a price cut anyway.

PS2 owners from launch knew about the hardware failures that were fixed eventually... they just wait for the PS3 to go through the same process. It's a known fact that the Sony consoles ALWAYS had more and better games so that's nothing to worry about. There's actually NOTHING to worry about so go.. play your 360! If it hadn't died already.

Learn some facts about your console:
-It is a piece of crap in terms of hardware (Overheating and a loud cpu is SOOOO 90s).
-It was available worldwide since November 2005 and currently only about 8 million homes have the console. That's after taking the replacement consoles out of the entire sold figure, because retailers count them as sold which is not how many 360 owners are there.
-Only game that has actually moved consoles was Gears of War and said game was launched in Christmas time. Around 1.3 million consoles were sold in the US alone with this game at Xmas.
-It will never achieve more games than the PS3 (right now maybe cause of the year head start, but not in the long run.. it's a given)
-It is not a better console than the PS3.
-It is the only console with 3 sku's (Giving choices, Microsoft? or confusing the costumer? or maybe is it just because YOU don't know what a gaming console should have... figures, just stick to PCs and softwares, it's something you're fairly good at)

PS360WII4258d ago

Of March is naturally the DS with 508,000 units sold. Hmm next closest was 200k away... yea nothing is competing

Merovee4258d ago

Well then having outsold 360 in the same time frame, I suppose MS should give up as well. Especially since Sony is the only console mfg that is still supporting it's previous system. Now consider that the winning console will be the one that appeals most to those gamers AFTER Sony finally ceases support for that system. This war is far from done so take your prophesies of doom back to your corner for now.

Ohhh, it didn't sell 5,000,000 units this month DOOOOMMMMED!!!!!!!

Ah, fanboys, the underwear skid-marks of society.

kcdude4258d ago

It is true, the Playstation 3 needs a price cut. If it doesn't get one, then there is a chance the Playstation 3 could fail the "console war" altogether and then that $600 machine that's sitting in your living room will be completely useless.