Suda fixing big problem for No More Heroes 2

"For many fans of the original No More Heroes, one of the biggest complaints was that the open world had some problems. The following is how Suda plans on fixing the open world for No More Heroes 2."

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Product3446d ago

This looks to be a massive improvement over the original.

TheDeadMetalhead3446d ago

The open world was so disappointing. Collision detection bugs, texture pop-up, and my Wii was always really loud whenever I was in it (like it was struggling to run it). It was also rather boring. Good to hear that Suda plans on fixing that. =D

Product3446d ago

Well Suda saying he is making it more compact and denser is a sigh of relief as I thought riding the bike so far away from different missions was a pain.

SinnedNogara3445d ago

I know. Santa Destroy in No More Heroes felt very empty. Its like if you went on a trip to Paris and everything was closed except for the World's Smallest Violin.

Product3445d ago

That was actually a pretty funny analogy.

EvilTwin3445d ago

Yeah, the open world was a good idea, but it was poorly implemented and executed in the first game (although it was kind of an unintentional satire of sandbox games).

A smaller size should help with the pop-in, and more variety can't be anything but an improvement. But if they're bringing back the Schpeltiger, Grasshopper better do something about the collision detection. It was kind of amusing (with just how bad it was), but it really made driving a chore.

If Suda pulls this off, it's going to be incredible. Maybe not GOTY by the critics estimation, but for me it will be.

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PS360WII3445d ago

Heh I remember running into invisible walls while riding the bike. Specially this one bike rack that was on the way to his house... hit it everytime ><

Sounds good all around. Mixing up battling and not having to earn so much money in between fights always works. I like the sound of having more to do right off the bat as well. I might just hunt out the lovikov balls first before anything else ;)

SeraphimBlade3445d ago

Now I'm confident this game will be worth playing. First game was fun, but only during the actual missions.

SinnedNogara3445d ago

Completely agreed. Getting the money was a "uhhh!!" moment. That is what they need to undo in the second game and just allow you to go from boss to boss with some secret bosses along the way. I would also want the ability to download new clothing for Travis. That would be AWESOME.

@ my comment above: BEST ANALOGY EVAR!!!

Product3445d ago

"First game was fun, but only during the actual missions."

which is the main reason why I only beat it once.

PS360WII3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

makin money wasn't so bad once you opened up the one assassin mission that gave to 2 mins to kill as many drones as possible. You could make mad money quite easy there and it was on the same block as the mission selection place :)

that's how I was able to buy pretty much everything in the game. Having all those clothes at first was cool but then I found myself taking forever picking out what to wear lol

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