Battlefield 1943 Temporarily Taken Off XBL?

Planet Battlefield writes: "Lastly, some people have noticed that as of right now Battlefield 1943 has been set to 90,000 Microsoft points on Xbox Live instead of the usual 1200. Some suspect DICE want to put up more servers before adding more players to the game."


The 90,000 point issue was an error showing only for silver accounts and should not have been shown in the first place. It has since been resolved.

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KillerPwned3417d ago

I just played BF 1943 and its horrible you cant get on anything at all. You can only do the trainng but thats it so far. Hope these server problems dont affect the ps3 version.

joemayo763416d ago

...but seriously i tried the xbox version with only a connction problem in one game, and i just dled the demo off of the JPN psn store and its also silky smooth (asian servers??) and im in Canada.

But hey if DICE wants to take it down for a bit in an effort to make it a better gaming experience for all players im down with that

LONEWOLF2313416d ago

hahaha good one Joe.

But yeah man you cant join UNLESS you have someone in your friends list already playing a game, in which case you can just join their game IF its no full.

Blogs4Fanboyzz3416d ago

and i wasn't 90000 credits! i didn't get it for my ps3 coz i only use that for the sony games that i cant get anywkere else.

360 for the exclusives and multi-plats. ps3 for the few sony games i cant not have.

blackstuff3417d ago

Wow, DiCE are hosting BF:1943 on their own servers? I just wander if they will recieve any of the monthly subscription I pay to play on Live!(Which is basically a peer-to-peer system and a rip off) or if Microsoft will just horde it all.

Atleast this game seems to be pretty popular, I had BF:1942 and BF:2 on the PC back in the day and they provided hours of fun and laughter. Bring it on!

Captain Tuttle3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

They insist on using their own servers on Live and because they're so big MS cut a deal. And this is always the result. Dedicated servers are only as good as the company behind them.

GiantEnemyCrab3416d ago

Both PSN and XBL use a mixture of dedicated and P2P. But if XBL is a ripoff and you aren't on it I guess I wouldn't expect you to know wtf you're talking about.

blackstuff3394d ago

fanny boy alert. if you actually read my post properly, you'd of read "I just wander if they will recieve any of the monthly subscription I pay to play on Live!" which would suggest I pay for Xbox Live!. Yes, maybe PSN is the same but PSN is free.

KILLA J3417d ago

i was gonna get this for the PS3 today, but now i'm a little worry. i'll have to wait and see that this game is working before buying it

3417d ago
coolirisGB3417d ago

Battlefield 1943 is out in Europe on PSN or something?

Natsu X FairyTail3417d ago

caught lying . again and again.

get yourself together kragdoll you just sound even more stupid than your last comment on that splinterCell thread.

krakdol3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Of course it's available on PS3 :

Now who is the liar Natsu ? You.

Edit : who cares which store ? I have 3 accounts like everybody, plus it will be available on the other stores in the hours to come if you don't want to use this account.

Talk about nitpicking. Lol

Fact is IT's available on PSN and it works. It doesn't work on Live right now.

micro_invader3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

No, I'm pretty sure it's only just been made available for the Japanese PSN. The US and Europe are still waiting.

Read the full story.

Natsu X FairyTail3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

''Fancy getting your hands on Battlefield 1943 before everyone else in Europe and the States? It’ll be 10 hours until the game is out in Europe and another 6 or so on top of that before it lands in America, but Battlefield 1943 is now out on the Japanese PSN Store and it’s fully in English.''

guess you dint even read the link you posted.

very very low.

coolirisGB3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

People have been playing in matches all day on XBL. The few people on friends list I met from the game have not had issues. When I check my friends friends lists a lot of people are playing this and could be causing EA or Dice server problems.

You should have posted the Neogaf link to prove your point but I see you edited your comment removing your neogaf lie.

It doesn't work on Live right now? some people never had issues.

3417d ago
lucifon3417d ago

The sales far exceeded expectations, its something which was overlooked on EA's behalf. It'll be sorted soon. It's great to see the game got this much love as now it would be extremely stupid if they dont release any DLC.

joemayo763416d ago

try the demo in the JPN store it already up or wait a couple hours and check the EU store, i've tried on both systems with only 1 minor problem in a game (ppl were skippin then i got disconnected) other than that it was smooth sailing and actually fun as hell

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krakdol3417d ago

Another day, another Live failure or downtime.

Battlefield 1943 works perfectly on PSN and it doesn't on Live.

Stryfeno23417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

You just got owned in the Gamer Zone and guess what? No more bubbles for you to reply to continue spreading your lies. GTFO!!!

krakdol3417d ago

@patchbot : lol where did I get owned ? It's out in Asian store and I play it right now, you buffoon.

You look really butthurt it doesn't work on Live. Not my fault, buy a PS3 or write a letter to Steve Ballmer.

-MD-3417d ago

Sorry but it looks like you're all out of bubbles big fella.

Vx_3416d ago

we are delivering the best online gaming experience
enjoy not to play

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RockmanII73417d ago

krakdol is out of bubbles :) anyway if you check there twitter they went back online 15 hours b4 this story got to n4g

Power_Of_Flops_3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

So what ? It didn't work for some time on XBL, so like yesterday there were difficulties on Live. No such thing happened on PSN.

Fact. The rest is fanboy spin.

All I read is excuses. If Steve Ballmer burnt your house, you would still love him. Fact is like yesterday, Live had troubles, not PSN.

Talk about delusion.

rTR-Pioneer3416d ago

and it still doesn't work, at least on xbox live, so what is your point?