Blu-ray camp organizes HD-DVD retaliation

On April 15th, members of the AVS Forum organized a HD-DVD buying spree with the hopes of overtaking the monthly dominated Blu-ray sales. AVS members chose April 15th because it would mark the one year anniversary of HD-DVD. This structured spending spree was clearly labeled a success as retailers witnessed thousands of HD-DVD titles being bought off of Amazon and other major HD-DVD retailers such as Best Buy.

In retaliation, the Blu-ray camp and PlayStation fanbase, out of surprise at the success of the stunt, decided to hold their own "Buy-A-Thon," but vowed to accomplish even greater sales numbers...

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PimpNick_19804259d ago

Yeah you would of figured as must from a band of hopeless losers. Look they my have organized a mass buy, but don't take it as an attack on Blu-Ray. Maybe there just trying to show there support, for the better (people's)choice. Any one who has watched the two will tell you that HD-DVD is better, just deal with it. God all of you PS3 / Blu-Ray fanboys just face the fact that you bet on the wrong pony. Oh' and if this pisses you off then I will take confort in the fact that I wouln't know because I have loads to play on my 360, what you say!? not load times, loads of time to play my 360. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Cutnell4259d ago

Who, by the way, love to watch Blue-ray movies in my dorm room with me on my PS3...yeah, it might not have the best games, but it provides me with enough oppurtunity to get play in every sense of the word.

But wait, you forgot about that while you were busy jacking off over how beautiful GeOW looks on your 360, while trying to reassure yourself that HD DVD is better than blu ray... But what does HD DVD have on Blu Ray? what? oh thats right, it MIGHT? have slightly lower cost.

Honestly, at this point it's enthusiasts buying the next gen-formats and if you want the best, you buy blue ray, even if it does cost a little more. Unfortunatly, you are a part of a band of hopeless losers known as diehard xbots. Which really are no worse or better than diehard sony fanboys, seriously though, HD DVD better than Blu ray? are you retarded? BTW, the price difference is really non-existant, or rarely more than a few dollars.

XxZxX4259d ago

STUPID. You know who's the real winner!! AMAZON.. those idiots dont realize AMAZON does not represent the whole market. Nothing but stupid fanboyism braggin right.

Boink4259d ago

a dumber bunch of people i've never seen.

highps34259d ago

Seriously WTF happend to gamers. I mean what is going on in the gaming community.

Not only are we divided but apparently everyone has gone retarded and decided Microsoft and Sony dont have enough money or something..

Gamers are forever changed. The generation that came up with Noob, OWNED, and other popular phrases, have been phased out by this new generation of pure fanboys that love to talk about NPD numbers, hold stupid petitions, and buy software to help the company that screwed gamers one way or another....

I want my old gaming life style back, this new one SUCKS.

4259d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.