That Transformers Achievement Works Differently Than Presumed

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku writes:

"Yesterday, I reported the curiosity that is the Good Mojo Achievement in Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. I extrapolated all sorts of dark things about the game's sales and Live performance. Activision has explained what I was missing.

Never assume, people say, right?"

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ZILLA3360d ago

i bought this game for my son but it wound up being my favorite online game this year.its 4 on 4 and even if its 1 on 1 its complete madness.this is a BUY!!!PLAY B3YOND waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay B3YOND!!!

-MD-3360d ago

You have a son? God help you.

Kushan3360d ago

Jump in and play b3yond!

RustInPeace3360d ago

Why do you keep saying that even for Xbox/multiplatform games. Knock it off, its not cool and this game does NOT "play b3yond" it's "play b3low standard!"

Jdoki3360d ago

Score another one for well researched journalism. <sigh>

PirateThom3360d ago

It's Kotaku, this is exactly their level of "research" and "journalism".

mfwahwah3359d ago

You guys should start up a videogaming blog. I'm sure you'll be way more popular with your expert researching techniques.