El33tonline: Light of Altair Review (PC)

I admit it, I have a soft spot for indie games. Now nothing says indie gaming like two brothers who go into business together to develop titles largely by themselves. Such is the case with brothers Tom and Simon de Rivaz who founded the London based SaintXi games studio in 2008. Despite having possibly one of the ugliest company logos I have ever seen, their debut game Light of Altair is a beautiful space economic and strategy title, surprisingly so, considering the size of the team involved and the selling price.

The story for this scenario-based adventure is set in the near future where the United Earth (UE) is formed after many years of war. The United Earth then sets about colonising the solar system. Unfortunately it seems human nature gets the better of this new world order and, with the help of some greed and jealousy, the people of earth are once again splintered into factions and things quickly turn ugly. The factions in the game are loosely based on the continents of earth – Africa, America, Europe etc. During the course of the game you will get to try your hand at playing all of them although the only differences between the factions really are their logos, ship and planet colour.

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