Splinter Cell Conviction Sweeps Up the E3 Awards

Splinter Cell Conviction won more than 12 awards at E3; sweeping up more than any other Xbox 360 game, including GameSpot's Best Action-Adventure Game and Best Xbox 360 Game.

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chrisnick3449d ago

better than all the others IMO. its already pre-ordered, i was gonna just rent it before e3, its definitely being bought now though.

3449d ago
Natsu X FairyTail3449d ago

Based on your bubbles , I know you posted that comment on Purpose to Stealth Troll.

DevastationEve3449d ago

It's not going to be enjoyable at 9FPS :\

And I'm not gonna drop $$$ on quad Radeon 4870x2s and a Phenom II x4 940 3.2GHz cpu just to run THIS game. I'm sure my specs there are WAY beyond what you'll probably need to run this game on the PC, but still who wants to build a $500 barebones system anyway??? You'll have to upgrade it too, eventually.

Syronicus3449d ago

And although I am disappointed they are not going with the original stealth that Splinter Cell was birth with, this one should still prove to be good.

I do however have a bone to pick with the article. What 12 awards are they talking about? Does anybody research this stuff when they read these articles or are they all like sheep being lead tot he slaughter? Seriously, the game received two awards from Gamspot and the other 10? Where do they come from and are they simply the same two awards from 5 other websites? Come on guys, this crap journalism has got to stop.

Raf1k13449d ago

I agree.

I'm really looking forward to it but it does seem moroe like Jason Bourne than Sam Fisher. Hopefully I can still play it all through stealth and only use the combat when needed.

Syronicus3449d ago

Typically I get slammed for saying it and for some reason some folks think that wishing they would have stuck to the stealth aspect of the originals means that the current game will suck but on the contrary, I think that this game will be great, it's just cool to play the older ones and be forced to utilize stealth. There was something different about it and it made Splinter Cell what it was back then, something different and unique. I just hope that this one does not stray too far but as you said, it does resemble the Bourne way of combat and may leave me wanting some of the original game play of the first Splinter Cell games.

Bubbles for the comment bud!

likedamaster3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Who cares if this game actually received the awards or not it definitely deserves them in my opinion. The game looks and plays phenomenal(from the videos)!

Btw, the 12...

Best of E3 2009

PC Best Action Game

E3 Silver Medal

Best 360 Game

Best Console/PC Game
Best Infiltration Game

Best Xbox 360 Game

Best Action-Adventure Game

Crispy Gamer:
Top Ten of E3 Best Xbox 360 Game

Best X360 game

3D Juegos:
Best E3 Game

Xbox 360 Game of Show

^^ Thats why you get slammed.

SCThor3449d ago

So syronicus was right, is the same award from different websites...lame.

Looks like a desperate attempt to bring more attention to this game that it deserves.

Feel free to disagree but the fact is the fact.

tehReaper3449d ago

So it's a bad thing to win awards from different websites? Try harder next time.

SCThor3449d ago

Not a bad thing, but this headline it is:

"Splinter Cell Conviction Sweeps Up the E3 Awards"

By only reading that you could tell it got many "best" in MANY categories(i.e. best of the show,best soundtrack,best graphical achievement,etc) not only "best xbox360 game"(btw this is not a great achievement considering no many good games were showcased for xbox360)

THINK harder next time boy.

tehReaper3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

No you thought too much for a simple article, "boy".

It is clearly saying that Splinter Cell got a lot of awards and recognition at E3. No more, no less.

Blind fanboy? I'm pretty sure you're the one bashing a game, not me.

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good for them... to be honest i am surprised it took the award for action adventure. I would have thought Uncharted 2 would have won that spot.

still good for splinter cell. I really hope its a great game, i was a bit disappointed with the last one.

II Necroplasm II3449d ago

I think almost every Splinter Cell fan was disappointed with the last one lol.

KionicWarlord2223449d ago

Multiplayer in SC : Double agent was pretty much a big step back from the series.

II Necroplasm II3449d ago

I didn't even play it lol. I'm sure it was though

sonarus3449d ago

Splinter cell to me was for single player and not multiplayer. The singleplayer was relatively average nothing mind blowing but was still a solid stealth action game.

So far i don't really see any stealth in this new one. Just action really. I hope there is more than that. Maybe i am just being a hater but i am simply unimpressed with everything they have shown of splinter cell

KionicWarlord2223449d ago

Splinter cell : chaos theory was the best splinter cell multiplayer ever.

Any splinter cell fan would know that.

DARK WITNESS3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )


ya, i agree with you there, i always liked and played splinter cell for the single player story. i didn play a little bit of the multiplayer but i would not say it was a core reason for me buy the game.

I don't agree with you about the stealth, I think there is plenty of stealth in this one. I like it more when a game is stealth but does not spell it out for you. The best example i could give was halo CE, there were some sections on some of the maps you could run through with out ever firing your gun, but most people never seemed to have played it to that level of depth.

i thought double Agent was still a good game, but if you look back at all the stuff the dev's were saying about it's moral choice and all that crap.. it really didn't do much. it was all very black and white. infact i think most games that have " tried " to pull of this whole different endings based on your moral choice and all have not really done it very well. Most of them have always felt black and whilte and most of the time the character who's fate you are deciding is nothing more then a irritating bit of AI with no emotional attachment anyway.

it also felt a bit too linear, i mean most locations etc always had just two ways of doing it and that was it. telling me i need to get into a room and giving me a door or a window to go through is not sandbox. tell me i need to go into a room and give me 3 windows, 2 doors, a whole in the roof, a floor board or an option to just blow the whole room apart.. thats sandbox lol.

anyway, i really like the look of this SC and i am really really looking forward to it.

the only thing i have not liked about it so far is this leaving a shadow or image of your last position seen by the enemies. it just seems a bit noobish to me. its this whole thing these days of making games as noob friendly as possible. the dev's seem to be spelling out every little aspect of gameplay with big BOLD red flashing lights cos we are so stupid we would not notice that when we break the line of sight the AI does not know where we are, which is how you would expect good AI to act anyway. I hope on the hard setting it does not do that. I mean the AI reacts in the same way, just you don't need some stupid shadow telling you that you have broken the line of sight.

anyway good gaming.

coolirisGB3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

You can play this the way you wan't and I think that makes this more kickass. I like the part when Ubisoft said Sams gadgets will be used later in the game.


I was going to wait to get my 360 in this fall but I picked one up today.

Natsu X FairyTail3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

The video is great.

There's so many ways of playing this game that's what makes it so good at this point.

I'll be playing it in Extra hard mode so The Main campaign last even longer!

beavis4play3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

many sites had UC2 as overall "game of show". blaze929 just singled out one of a couple that liked SC better.
really, these "awards" mean nothing.
both games look pretty good though.

i don't mind the disagrees......i know the truth is a hard thing to accept some times. but, what i've stated is true.

SevWolf3449d ago

This and Mass Effect are between the reasons I bought my 360 recently :)
@beavis4play: It is true Uncharted 2 did nab the most awards of all the games at E3 but who;s nitpicking...I was actually surprised, I saw SC:conviction gameplay and loved it, then I saw GOW III and ME 2, and I know one of the latter two will take game of the show, then I see both levels in the UC 2 demo and I fall in love, I had no doubt it was gnna win most awards

sonarus3449d ago

I agree that an option to play which ever way is cool. But you have to admit, so far the videos shown have been more action than anything else. Like there is more focus on action and stealth and even though you can play it which ever way i still feel there should be more focus on stealth than action

SCThor3449d ago

Not intend to be a party crusher buddy, but take this advice from one of +60% people that got his 360 broken after 2 or 3 months: just buy exclusives, if your console survive more than 6 months then think about buying multiplatform games. In this way, you won't be stuck with many games and no console to play them.

Boob3449d ago


I love how jerkoffs like you have to ruin it for people who like the Splinter Cell series. Everytime the 360 gets something awesome, the Sony Fanboys say "Red Ring of Death." Thats all they can say. I know it's a defense mechanism for you fanboys, but you have to stop using that as a crutch, it's getting tiring and old.

Keep your fanboy antics to your self. Open Zone is >>>> that way.

SCThor3449d ago

Your rant clearly show how fabonyistic your MS defense is. I just showed what is common knowledge, no misleading, cheating or whatever...just facts.

Keep Jumping in...MS d***

DMason833449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

SCThor is just irate because he doesn't get to play Splinter Cell. It's ok, dont cry guy!

Boob3449d ago

Wow, you can sure tell a lot about a person from just one comment! Congrats guy, you're one of the smartest people I know.

Your comments are completely irrelevant to this topic. So what if it's a fact? It seems to be the only one that you can lean on. That's like me saying German cars suck because Germany used to be overrun by Nazi's. Get on topic, or leave.

And by the way, it's Boob, not Bobo. Illiteracy kills. You have one more bubble, use it wisely boy.

SCThor3449d ago

Well, your former avatar said "Bobo" (before you changed it)

Back to topic. Just look for this nickname in Xbox Live: MvC SCThor. Yes, that's me with my xbox live account. See how fool you look now?. BTW, my PSN ID is the same.

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Natsu X FairyTail3449d ago

this will be big.

finna get me this game in October!

cliffbo3449d ago

it won`t be big it will 10 hours ar most.

DevastationEve3449d ago

Resident Evil can be beaten in 2.5hrs or less and has received many accolades, so what's your point? Metal Gear Solid was also easily beaten in under 6 hrs for the average gamer, so again what's your point?

You want longer games? Go play some rpgs, let OUR actions games be exactly as they should be.

Natsu X FairyTail3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

"it won`t be big it will 10 hours ar most."

Killzone 2 campaign is 10hours long also .

So what's your point with it wont be big?

Aint the game have Online and other ways to finish the game and side missions?

coolirisGB3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

I thought Ubisoft said 10 hours is possible if you are good and rush through it. kind of like MGS4 in 5 or 6 hours?

cranium3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

MGS4 is beatable in 5 hours (Big Boss emblem), but definitely not on the first playthrough. My first playthrough was on Naked Normal and it took me about 17h. Now, after beating the game a few times, it is now possible for me to beat it in 5 hours with all of the items I acquired in previous playthroughs (Provided I skip all of the cutscenes, of course). And Ubisoft has stated that SC:C will be beatable in 12 hours to the average gamer, and there's nothing wrong with that: Felt you liked it? Well play it again in a harder difficulty. Bam, you just got 15 more hours of enjoyment from your game.

Quick question: Will SC:C have online? If it does, then there's another 30+ hours for some people.

KionicWarlord2223449d ago

10 hour game no cutscenes.

Im in for Splinter cell Conviction .

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TheBand1t3449d ago

This game is the first Xbox game I'm jealous of. I loved Chaos Theory.

3449d ago
TheBand1t3449d ago

You seem lost. Take my hand, I'll show you the way to the Open Zone.

DARK WITNESS3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )


key word " Most " of their exclusives...

i have a better idea, why don't you buy an arcade or even a pre-owned arcade unit which are as cheap as buying 3 games new anyway and then you won't have to be jealous and you can own " All " of the xbox's exclusives.

I don't get jealous of the ps3's exclusives because i own one. problem solved.

II Necroplasm II3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Funny how all PS3 fanboys say they have a nice high end PC. The trolling is just getting very lame and way too obvious.

DevastationEve3449d ago

I still have Chaos Theory on my PC...the last moments of Fisher wearing that awesome sneaking suit. Man did he look badass!

Well the beginning of Double Agent has him in the suit as well, but after that it's just...unattractive. But SC:DA is actually still my favorite, since they did it very well how you had to be either good or bad. And the gameplay was still stealthy.

I'm still glad that they are moving on with Fisher and that they've evolved the gameplay, imho THAT'S what's worth waiting for.


you know .. its interesting..

All these ps3 fans that keep bringing up this thing about how they can play 360 exclusives on PC, it really does show how desperately they want to play 360 games, but their pride will not let them go and get a 360.

There are a few ps3 "exclusives" that are also coming out on pc, but i can't recall the last time i heard a 360 fan going on about getting them on PC.

And these fans are the ones that keep harping on about the ps3 getting a price cut, yet to play 360 games they they are willing to buy pc which prob cost more then any of the 360 skul and which they will need to upgrade every year or two.

meatnormous3449d ago

I have a PS3, a very high end pc and a 360. I can't lose.

-MD-3449d ago

Same here meat :) it's nice having the option to play every game I want to.

I own a 360/PS3 and While my PC isn't "high end" it's capable of running the games I'm interested in (Valve stuff, Starcraft 2)


i am with you guys.

i own two 360's, ps3 and an ok laptop ( though i would not say i use it for gaming much but its powerful enough.

cranium3449d ago

But do any of you have a f*cking Zeebo?! Ha! So you can't play ALL games! :)

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RockmanII73449d ago

looks fun but I'm going to wait for a price drop first

II Necroplasm II3449d ago

Yeah that's the true gaming spirit!!!

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