Media Create Software Sales: June 29-July 5

Media Create has released the latest software sales for Japan. Not differing much from the Famitsu information, WiiSports Resort is dominating the charts and is moving close to 1 million units. Should reach it in the next couple of weeks easily.

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MattyF3447d ago

Can't wait for the DQIX numbers. Should be massive.

SpoonyRedMage3447d ago

Yup, especially if the reports of 2 million preorders is correct and not liek what happened with Killzone 2.

MattyF3447d ago

Wasn't the reports for Killzone 2 only in Europe, though? Plus, it's DQ. It'll have massive sales in Japan no matter what.

SpoonyRedMage3447d ago

Oh yeh, I know it'll sell massive but my point is that 2 million first day is ALOT and I was just referring to the fact that the reported preorders were higher than the actual sales.

MattyF3447d ago

It's a lot. I may not have 2 million first day, but it will be close. With release on Saturday, I say it'll have 2 million sales by Monday or close to it.

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