Microsoft on Too Human Plus New HD Cinematic

IGN's coverage continues with an interview with Ken Lobb from Microsoft Games Studio. Also, a new HD cinematic video from the game.

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nice_cuppa4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

im munted i f'ed up !

i see now bottom left..

i just went for qt !

i suck.
you rule.

oh well.
oh and this game looks so good i got my nob out !

m234136d ago

That's wierd, I was able to stream it no problem.

Drew4136d ago

Brilliant voice acting. This is top notch stuff.

highps34136d ago

Pretty sweet video if even a cut scene. Wonder how in game looks.

THWIP4136d ago

...and equal to gameplay quality. After Gears of War, this is a question people should no longer be asking...especially when it's using the same engine.

soccerstar4136d ago

Thsi game looks amazing but i really hate how developers have stopped supporting 4 player split screen it really is getting annoying i used to be able to play lots of fun games with my buddies but i cant anymore cuz its either just single player or 2 player coop/multiplayer. I guess ill have to wiat 4 halo 3 or play resistance

kewlkat0074136d ago

Back in my college days Goldeneye 007 made 4-player split-screen famous.(27inch RCA tv) Ya know I had a lot of fun playing that game, and not once I cared about the Graphics or HD look. Giv eme afun game I'm good to go, just like Halo.

I do enjoy having a full screen to yourself when playing online tho. Well like Gears of War.

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The story is too old to be commented.