Nvidia's GPU Tech Conference Heralds Seismic Shifts in Computing

Nvidia will be hosting its inaugural GPU Technology Conference this September 30 - October 2 in San Jose, CA. On hand for the keynote address will be Lucasfilm CTO Hanspeter Pfister, and computer science professor from Harvard.

While Nvidia CEO and co-founder, Jen-Hsun Huang will also join the two as a keynote speaker, a quote by Nvidia's Chief Scientist, Bill Dally, is drawing much interest in the press:
"We are in the midst of seismic shifts in computing, triggered by the GPU and its rich possibilities. The GPU Technology Conference is the single best place to learn about these changes, see the technologies and applications causing this disruption and get the tools to solve the world's most important computing challenges."

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Kakkoii3416d ago

That's only to attend every single event, on any days you want. Plus you can get that ticket for $400 if you purchase it before August 1st.

kaveti66163416d ago

I wonder if Microsoft will renew it's interest in NVIDIA technology. This gen they wanted to own all their console parts, but if they want to deliver full power, then NVIDIA is where it's at.