Battlefield 1943 Now Available On PS3

Nofi from TheSixthAxis writes: "Fancy getting your hands on Battlefield 1943 before everyone else in Europe and the States? It'll be 10 hours until the game is out in Europe and another 6 or so on top of that before it lands in America, but Battlefield 1943 is now out on the Japanese PSN Store and it's fully in English. "

Check the post for full instructions.

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orange-skittle3421d ago

EA's servers are horrible and this game is not that great. Talk about dying every 10 seconds. Long Range soldiers rifle drops enemies with 2 shots and bazooka's have no range unless detonated right on target

zeph943421d ago

If it's anything like my beloved BF1942 it's all good.

Syronicus3421d ago

Can the servers take the number of users? I know they have had other problems on other platforms and was hoping the PS3 version is not plagued with connection issues. I want to know before I drop the cash for it so I don't get stiffed for the first week of owning it. Can anybody confirm this? I would love to DL it now but thought I would ask how it's working for everybody else thus far.

Marcelles253421d ago

completely agree that game isnt that good controls are messed up FLY ING F%#@ing sucks lol its an okay game NOT what i thought of it to be

and ps3 version from what ive played LAG FREEE

Raptor3420d ago

Are you kidding me?

I played the demo and only died twice, and I'm not even good at Battlefield.

I had the top score, 17 kills 0 deaths in one match.

Its really not that hard. I can't believe you got schooled on an arcade shooter with 3 classes.

Maybe I was the one killing you? If so, thanks for making my gametime enjoyable. BUYING THE GAME NOW :)

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Close_Second3421d ago

...mentioned the lobby system for this game?

Can you search for local games or by region? or is it a free for all like Battlefield Bad Company?

This game looks fun but a poor lobby will more than likely result in a lag fest for those living in New Zealand.

Grassroots3421d ago

Meh, I'll just wait for later to pick it up to play with some of my friends.

Also concerned about the connectivity, if there were problems on live also worried about playing it on the PSN, will have to wait and see I guess.

SprSynJn3421d ago

I played a 15 minute session on the PSN and had absolutely no problems. I was able to sign in with the littlest of ease as well as find a game, and then rejoin that game once it ended. Not sure why the 360 servers would be having problems, but I might be a little ticked if I paid for a problematic service where it's free competitor offered no hiccups. I actually am unaware of how LIVE works, so please pardon my ignorance.

3421d ago
Raptor3420d ago

I live in the US and played the Japan demo.

Never lagged the entire time.

The only game I have lagged on from PSN is GTA4, and the lag isn't even that bad. Seriously this game impressed the hell out of me. The only problem is a few graphical glitches, like things turning black etc.

Dorfdad3421d ago

i would be interested in your takes on PS3 vs 360 graphically and more of this game? Im not sure which system to buy it for. I care less about voice really as these games no one EVER plays as a team they just run and gun..

ChrisGTR13421d ago

you must have no friends, in that case get it for ps3.

it doesnt matter which console is better or worse just get it for the consoles where your friends are. thats why i say that

raziel64303421d ago

i played it all night last night its mad fun.
i love the fact that you can drive all most anything in the game,
from tanks to jeep,and take it to the air it when a plan comes together...see you online folks...evilgnius...

Orange3421d ago

how does it compare to warhawk...other than being fps.

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