Anime Expo 2009: Demon's Souls Game and Music Details

At Anime Expo, assistant producer Takeshi Kajii had a lot to say about the upcoming Atlus PS3 RPG, citing King's Field as his inspiration for the title, and revealing a release date of 10/06/09. In a small Q&A after his panel, he discussed the music from the game, noting that there would be three vocal themes and that a soundtrack release was something he's interested in pursuing.

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OGharryjoysticks3446d ago

This game is the best game to come out in 09 and this version trumps all

Traveler3446d ago

Oh hell yeah, this game blew me away. It was well worth importing, but I am glad that it is getting an official release in English.

GameGambits3446d ago

Just beat it about 10 minutes ago. I was really disappointed about the final boss being 100% worthless.

Rest of the game is monumental though. :D

Baba19063446d ago

hope this comes to europe.... the same prolem as always.