SCEA: PS3 Only Console To See Gains In March

With the March NPD results now available, the big three console makers have begun to weigh in on their respective performances. Although the PS3 sold just 130K units in the U.S. for March, SCEA noted that it's the only console to see an increase (2% month-over-month), while Wii was down 22% and Xbox 360 was down 12%.

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techie4258d ago

lol lies. Was a 5 week yuh it dropped like the rest

shotty4258d ago

Reminds of the time the Xbox 1 had an infinty percent increase in sales during a week in Japan, i told you microsoft should have bragged about it.

jwatt4257d ago

There you go, look at the glass half full.

Anerythristic264257d ago

They actually had an 18% drop in sales. The sales were tracked for 5 weeks instead of 4. It really needs a price drop NOW. The kids on this site can say what they want , unfortunetly the PS3 isn't failing in North America , it has already failed. They need to stop worrying about the XBOX 360 (which had mediocre sales , though it outpaced it's last year total for this same month. ) and at least try to keep the platform (PS3) viable in North America. It's just plain bad , no software will be able to save it in the US at this point , it needs drastic price cuts to stay competitive.

With some predictions for a sub 100,000 unit April , It's really a shame for the PS3. This is really poor news.

THWIP4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

Considering the apparent interest/demand the Elite has, and a price drop on the core/premium coming soon after, you'd have to be a damn fool to have bought a 360 in the past 6 weeks. Chances are, with all of the quality titles coming out EXCLUSIVELY for the 360 in the next 6 months ( Mass Effect, Forza 2, Two Worlds, Elveon, Bioshock, Too Human, Halo 3, Blue Dragon, Fable 2, PGR4, Huxley, and Alan Wake) , and a console price drop to boot, the last 2 qtrs of '07 will belong to MS.
I really wouldn't be surprised to see Sony drop the PS3 to $500 by X-mas, just to keep pace.

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The story is too old to be commented.