World of Warcraft to allow cold weather flying at level 68 writes:

"It was discovered on the PTR before Blizzard confirmed it, but it's there anyway: players will be able to learn Cold Weather Flying at level 68 in World of Warcraft.

More specifically, players can buy a heirloom item with a current level 80, and pass it on to an alt, allowing that alt to learn Cold Weather Flying at 68 instead of having to wait until 77."

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killyourfm3421d ago

I don't quite understand *why* this would bump it down from Lv 77 to Lv 68...

talannon3421d ago

As long as you have a level 80 player, you buy an item, mail it to your level 68 alt and he can learn the skill. So he would be able to fly in northrend at level 68 instead of waiting at level 77 when he can learn it from the trainer.

Madgunner3421d ago

i would def give it a try i actually reinstalled it again to play with some of my buddies

Obama3421d ago

It's really good but not worth giving up your social life for. Let's say it's like drugs.

Raf1k13421d ago

I was planning on getting back into it too but not sure if I can afford to lost myself again lol.

I think I might be in a better position to limit the amount I play it now. But then again when I was hooked on it I used to tell myself I was under control and that I could quit whenever I wanted lol

TheAntiFanboy3421d ago

Give it a shot. But remember, WoW is primarily a social game. Playing it with friends makes the experience tons more fun. I wouldn't be playing the game if my friends weren't playing it too.

danielle0073421d ago

It's a far cry from the greatness it used to be, even back in Burning Crusade. Blizzard is kind of banking on spoonfeeding the casual players. It's disappointing.

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Obama3421d ago

Even WoW have weather. Foza3 doesn't. :3

danielle0073421d ago

Just keep nerfing the game, gogo.