Lens of Truth: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

Next on our agenda of Flash Reviews is X-men Origins: Wolverine. Most movie to game titles are awful, but this game was boasted to be better than the others. With all the hype centering around the movie, as well as the game, did this title really have a chance. Check out the review inside to see if Wolverine can tear through the inevitable movie to game stereotype, or just become another direct to bargain bin movie game.

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ArthurLee2996d ago

nice review! Wolverine was a good action game, nothing special. Ninja Gaiden is still the king of action games IMO.

Traveler2995d ago

Ninja Gaiden is awesome, but I personally think God of War is the best action franchise. Wolverine is pretty good as well. It surprised me with the depth of its fighting engine.

ArthurLee2995d ago

I agree dude. God of War and Ninja Gaiden are the two best fighting games I've Played. I just favor NG a little bit more for some reason. Maybe its Ryu's bada$$ "Flying Swallow" move or his overall speed, I don't know.

Shogun Master2995d ago

This game was o.k.

The best Wolverine game ever is X-Men vs. Street Fighter!

Baron792995d ago

You know, I have to agree with you Shogun. In XMen vs SF, Wolverine is by far the best character with his infinite cheap!

stealyrface2995d ago

I think your both forgetting " X-Men 2: Clone Wars" for the Sega Genesis. By far it is the greatest X-Men\Wolverine game!

Marty83702995d ago

Don't give ther site hits.

Soul Train2995d ago


Nice Avatar

frayer2995d ago

The best game the bots will play all year

poor welfare bots

jaidek2995d ago

I rented this one and it was a blast to play. I will probably pick it up when the price is right.

stealyrface2995d ago

Wolverine was a good movie\game! Its not a masterpiece but it was still fun.

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