The Top 6 Games with (Artistic) Style

Balloo of Power On, Sound Off shares his countdown of the 6 games with the best artistic style of all time.

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Carbide72965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Okami, MGS3, Ocarina of Time, Shadow of the Collossus, God of War, Metal Slug, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank, Metal Slug, FFVII. SFIV (IMO) . And I could even say that all the Killzone games have a very unigue artistic style to it, along with it's technical prowess, which just raises the bar.

JL2965d ago

Valkyria Chronicles

J3VL12965d ago

The new Prince of Persia

Yi-Long2965d ago

... You'd think Psychonauts and Panzer Dragoon would be on this list(!)

qface642965d ago

wait what FF7 had artistic style?

Tony P2965d ago

I'm surprised no one mentioned Braid yet.

Team Ico I think, has this mastered. Another game I would call overlooked in the art department is SaGa Frontier II. Beautifully rendered in watercolours.

But I think the top here are SOTC and Okami.

I disagree almost totally with FFVII being top artistic anything. I think Nomura as a designer got much, much better with his later FFVII Comp stuff and KH. But that's my opinion.

edhe2965d ago

Bioshock & Gears deserve to be on any shortlist for artistic style. Rapture was amazingly envisioned and Sera's post-renaissance, war-ravaged buildings are stunning.

GameGambits2965d ago

The most recent game with artistic style that popped out at me was Demon's Souls. The monster and character design is phenomenal. Every area in that game just oozes atmosphere and a big sense of dread.

Heck Demon's Souls was more spooky and survival horror like than RE5...which was being marketed as a scary game. The only scary thing I found in RE5 was the poor's scary how crappy at game development you can be to let Sheva and enemy A.I be mentally handicapped at all points throughout the game.

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Sushidrew2965d ago

You guys are missing out KATAMARI!!!

double_heist2965d ago

He missed out on a lot like Valkyria Chronicles, Katamari, and even Flower

SnuggleBandit2965d ago

ya flower was really unique both gameplay and artwise

mfwahwah2964d ago

It's obvious why he skipped flower and vc. He said he was trying to steer clear of recent examples. You know, to show that games have always been artistic?

SlyGuy2965d ago

Artwork, storyline, etc...the game has a unique personality and style that I have never seen before.

I wish Clover still existed to make a sequel. :(

DelbertGrady2965d ago

Jet Grind Radio. Without that game Okami probably wouldn't be cel-shaded.

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The story is too old to be commented.