Duke Nukem Forever may be back on according to Scott Miller

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a very interesting Facebook post by Scott Miller of 3D Realms fame. The post indicates that Duke took a break but is back in the game.


Supporting my Post, Miller posted two new Duke Pictures on the Facebook profile soon after I broke this news.

Miller Posted this link on his profile as well.

Dukes section started in November, in May was not taking requests, and now full on. Not much on his page, but it was started by Scott. So the question is why now? Is it trying to build up interest in the game, the other games coming, or is something up?

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condorstrike3447d ago

most people gave up on this game.

no point for this thread without some real proof.

Vx_3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I don think we will ever hear this statement ever again : "I've Got Balls Of Steel" lol

Hellsvacancy3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Not that im all that bothered about it but the Devs know that there is a market 4it - all they hav 2do is 2 find sum half decent developers that dont smoke weed and r gonna get the job done (within 2-years) - coz cum-on 10 years in development and all they could show-off was a tech-demo - they must of dope smokers :-)

FragMnTagM3446d ago

What does weed have to do with anything. I am a productive member of society and have a 3.8 GPA in my business course I am currently taking. I smoke weed all the time and there is nothing wrong with me. It sure beats the hell out of drinking beer and liquor. The reason they are so late on this game was due to WOW as far as I heard. Also switching engines multiple times within the development process does not help either.

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Garethvk3447d ago

A direct comment from the head of the former 3D Realms saying he was back in the game after a break. You cannot get a higher ranked source on the game then Miller so why would you not say this. He and Duke Nukem both added profiles to the site recently and he posted this not 90 minutes ago. I would say that is news or at the very least an interesting rumor.

Syronicus3447d ago

Some day people just need to let this game die... Of course, it will live on forever as a hope and a dream but it just seems like it is pure media hype and nothing more.

Even if the game was released, it would have so high a standards to live up to that it would be destined to fail. Sadly, the game should just go softly into the night.

Jadaking3447d ago

how cares they've been saying this for almost 10 years. It's like the boy who cried wolf. lol cheesepie

ChrisGTR13447d ago

i want it to come out but theres a limit to the bullshat. you just have to realize this games never coming out and was never intended to, it was just a giant corporate scam to steal publishers money.

DNAgent3447d ago

Duke Nukem Forever isn't coming back. Duke Nukem will be coming back though. He will be in Duke Nukem Trilogy: Critical Mass for PSP.

-MD-3447d ago


sorry big fella.

MGOelite3447d ago

you really do buttfuk your 360 dont ya? everytime you see them 3 numbers in 1 group you get that tingleing sensation in your crotch and have the unresistable urge to give your console a reach around and say something stupid...

-MD-3447d ago

How did you know that I had sex with my 360? I never told anyone.

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