Rumor: Karate Instructor to Reprise 'Scorpion' Role

Could we be seeing a new Mortal Kombat movie? It seems it may be so according to an article on SGVTribune did an article and interview on martial artist Casamassa who played Scorpion in both Mortal Kombat films. Part of the story revolving around Casamassa's acting.

SGVTribune writes:
According to Casamassa, he's set to start filming the third Mortal Kombat film in September.

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ZOMBIEMAN13422d ago

the first 2 movies were [email protected] with Annihilation being complete total [email protected] i know it and Nostalgia Critic knows it why would we want another movie

4pocalyps33422d ago

awesome....i loved the first mk movie but the second one just sucked donkey balls. hopefully its done right xD